Made with Intent- The Story of Rorey Moon

Intention Bracelets are jewellery with purpose. When you buy an Intention Bracelet you are investing in an Intention Practice. Something that will help you keep your mind tuned to positive, supportive thoughts that can help you build resilience to stress and boost your happiness factor.  They are great for meditation, yoga, and everyday use.

Rorey Moon is a newly founded intention jewelry line.  The idea came from long time rock collector, crystal enthusiast and designer, Rorey.  Ever since she was little she had been drawn to stones and rocks, and had an impressive collection, pieces which she still has.  Rorey has always associated her love of stones with her love of all things shiny, a typical fancy of little girls.  As she grew, and life became more complicated, Rorey wasn’t able to continue with her collection and it became a fond memory from her childhood.  Down the road, life’s stresses pushed Rorey into the loving arms of yoga.  Through her practice Rorey was able to muffle the negative narrative in her mind and open up to life’s light.  

Now let’s not get carried away here, it’s not as though Rorey was a diehard yogi devoting her life to attuning with the earth and committed to a life of supreme serenity through meditation.  She was a practical thinker who never thought about her stones as more than just something pretty to look at.  The issue was practicality didn’t seem to fulfill Rorey anymore. There always seemed to be something missing. And it was through yoga that she was able to open her mind to other opportunities of fulfilment.  

Through the yoga community Rorey met lots of truly enlightening people who gave her the courage to do things unconventionally.  She found herself mesmerized by tarot cards and mediums, and one fateful day she found herself in a crystal store in Toronto.  Of course this felt natural to her, she knew a lot about the physical properties of the stones without having to read labels, but this store taught her more.  Beside each name of the stone, was a little description, a blurb about the stones’ energies and spiritual healing potential. How did this little card speak volumes to her?  From that moment Rorey threw herself head first into researching these crystal energies.  Time after time she’s blown away with the correlation between the energy a stone emits and the type of stone one is attracted to.  It was science.  The earth is a glorious place that has provided a source of energy, if you are open to it.